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About my services

I create impressionist paintings on location of weddings. Guests enjoy seeing the painting grow from start to finish during the reception. My paintings give a unique voice to the ambience, joy, and beauty of this sacred moment. The painting will continue to speak about the start of the couple's journey as they look back on the painting and experiences they had. 

To request me for your wedding or other special event, contact me by email at

How does it work?

1.Decide On the Scene You may request the scene of your choosing to be painted during the reception of your wedding. The first dance is the most popular request. 


2.Be Entertained I am onsite painting during the reception for 4-6 hours and guests watch the paint come to life. I am friendly love to say hello although my focus will be on painting during the event. So I keep conversation short. 


3.Wet Paint!!! Oil takes time to dry. So I request time to allow the paint to dry and to do any additional work on the painting after the wedding. Following dry time, a meeting to pick up the painting.





$750 includes: up to 18"x24" Oil painting on panel. I am onsite painting during the reception for 4-6 hours. 10 hours of additional work are done after the wedding. Painting completed and ready to deliver within 2 weeks. This price point is limited to delivery and work within Escambia County in Pensacola. Additional costs are applied depending on travel costs. No revisions are included in this package but that option can be added. Information about pricing for revisions is included in the following: Optional  Extras 

Larger painting sizes- $250  select a custom dimension for your painting up to 4'x4' in dimensions.

Revisions of the painting- $250 Will meet to discuss your desired changes and spend 15 additional hours working on the painting. This product is meant to be impressionistic in style and the option of any addtional hours (above 15 )  put into the painting is not available nor necessary to produce a painting in the spirit of Monet. Please realize I am the artist and the painting will be painted loosely, as we say in the naturalist painter community. I do not take requests for an alternative style such as photorealism which would take many more revisions meetings materials and time.

Travel- free within Pensacola, FL. the additional cost will depend on location and travel costs.






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